State of the Art Technology

Provide a GPS+ solution that protects you and your vehicle

The CarCop device has the ability to locate without limited boundaries unlike competitive devices

Limited tracking coverage may cause a large percentage of unrecovered stolen vehicles & delays which can cause vehicle and property damage

Expansive Global Network

Global wireless network tracking coverage and service

Exceptional & seamless connectivity with the CAR COP Slim Chip

Ability to be driven or taken out of the originating county, state or country

why use
Digital GPS Technology you can trust, used and tested by the US Military, Homeland Security, Central Intelligence Agency and thoroughly endorsed by Auto Dealers, Auto Lenders, Insurance Companies and the TruckingIndustry for Security and Vehicle Recovery.

*Actual design may vary

Enjoy Great Auto Insurance Discounts

Qualifies for up to 35% discount which pays itself year after year.

For information and to learn the full range of benefits of CarCop GPS Protection please ask your Authorized Dealership.

vehicle theft

Expansive Global Network

Compact, automotive-grade GPS

Power Management circuitry protects the vehicle's battery from excessive drain

Extreme weather and temperature compatibility

Add Value to Your Vehicle

System and benefits ar transferrable which adds vehicle resale value.

The Car Cop Advantage

Real Time Tracking
24/7 Response Center
Performance Guarantee
Transferable to Future Owner
Endorsed by Insurance Companies
Endorsed by Law Enforcement